Digging Deeper Part 3: The Deeper Chain Mainnet


Going live August 28th, the Deeper Chain mainnet launch means that everyone can join and participate in the world’s largest decentralised private network (DPN).

A thriving network depends on network effects — so the brains behind the Deeper Network have allocated a substantial 60% of the total token allocation to mining rewards. This is a powerful incentive for all network participants to share their bandwidth and earn DPR tokens, while also knowing that they’re helping to reclaim the decentralized web and make the Deeper Network stronger and more unstoppable.

It’s easy to engage with mining using your Deeper Connect device, which acts as a node on the network following the Proof of Credit (PoCr) algorithm. The developers will be gradually unlocking the mining function on different devices after the rollout, carefully monitoring the health of the network, to ensure it becomes a self-sustaining and robust distributed force for the future.

Sure, if you bought your device via the original crowdfunding launches, you may never have considered mining — but remember you’re part of a network, which needs to proliferate, this is what ultimately underpins your privacy and flexibility. So after one month of the mainnet launch (end of September), you will be able to stake 1000 $DPR to register as a node on the Deeper Chain.

Then all you have to do is share your bandwidth — which you probably do for free anyway, if you’re using the manufacturer’s default password on your router! You might as well do some good with it and also earn some DPR tokens, while you go about your online business. Deeper Chain basic miners will start with a credit score of 0, but you’ll quickly grow that organically and establish your earning potential, with payout starting from a score of 100.

How do you accomplish that? Just leave your device running! Your score will increase by one point, simply by sharing at least 10MB of uploaded bandwidth over 2 consecutive days. Of course this ratio many be adjusted as the network develops, but right now early adopters get the greatest potential for reward (THAT will sound familiar if you’ve been around DeFi and digital currencies for more than 5 seconds, right?)

And if you already hold DPR you can quickly increase your credit score by simple staking — for a minimum of 9 months, with 3 moths linear vesting. You can work out your rewards for genesis node mining & basic mining at https://dpr.deeper.network/calculator, or just watch your wallet for gains.

The maximum amount of staked DPR is 100 000, which will take you to a credit score of 800 — a threshold chosen to ensure that the network remains truly distributed and accessible, as well as recognising the commitment and input of the early testnet contributors. It’d be easy for too much of the network to end up in the hands of a small number of high contributors, but that’s not what a DPN is all about — hence the carefully balanced equation of staking rewards, capped investment, and meticulously aligned incentives.


Let’s not make the same mistakes as Web 1.0 and 2.0 — the future will be properly distributed instead.

Website: https://www.deeper.network/
Telegram: https://t.me/DeeperNetwork
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/EWUyAJyH2B
Twitter: https://twitter.com/deeper_network
Medium: https://deeper-network.medium.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deeper.network
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeeperNetwork/




Don’t be fooled by the bags that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block ⭐ The first woman ever to tweet about $TEND ⭐ $VETH ⭐ $VADER

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Jenny from the Blockchain

Jenny from the Blockchain

Don’t be fooled by the bags that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block ⭐ The first woman ever to tweet about $TEND ⭐ $VETH ⭐ $VADER

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