Digging Deeper Part 2: The Deeper Connect PICO and its Decentralized VPN

Jenny from the Blockchain
3 min readAug 25, 2021


We talked about how the Deeper Network is returning the internet to its intended decentralized status in our last article, but it’s important to understand why that matters.

Back in the early days of the internet, the barrier to entry was arguably higher, but the experience once you got there was generally consistent and secure. You could be anyone you wanted, and find anything you wanted, if you knew what you were doing. The early cypherpunks knew that this would be the vector to securely decentralizing and transferring asset value, long before the Bitcoin whitepaper was written,

But today the internet is accessible to everyone — but in a surveilled, controlled, fragmented, and limited way. While the masses are distracted arguing about masks and medication, most people are ignoring the fact that their privacy is now utterly eroded and compromised by every major portal, and you can buy software on the open market to hack any mobile device.

Anyone who wants real privacy has to go to incredible lengths now to dissociate their physical identity from their online existence, and most of us have to accept some degree of compromise and risk we can live with — depending on what we have at stake.

Many will be happy with a 4 digit password on their smartphone and saving their credit cards in their browser. Others will use a VPN, and fewer still will only transact any exchange of data through a TOR browser and a private node.

What do you have to lose, and what inconvenience is it worth?

The hassle vs security trade off is a moving target, and that’s why the Deeper Connect PICO will make things easier and safer for those with some advanced security awareness, who nevertheless need to move around and operate in the mainstream physical world.

As the world’s thinnest, lightest, smallest, yet most unique and powerful cybersecurity hardware device, it integrates a 7-layer enterprise grade firewall and the world’s one and only truly decentralized VPN (DPN).

A DPN uses encrypted tunnels to route web traffic in familiar ways, but they do this over decentralized rather than centralized networks.

DPNs are therefore serverless and distributed, ensuring higher security levels such that user data is not logged, hacked, or subpoenaed — wherever and whoever the user may be, thanks to the PICO’s plug and play set-up and included Wi-Fi adaptor.

So if you’re happy to go on leaking your data all over the internet, to have your content feed optimized for the next advertiser click as your views are steadily polarized and reinforced, and to have even your search experience relentlessly curated to drive ad revenue and surveillance capital — then, as you were. The Deeper Connect PICO, and frankly the decentralized internet, is not for you. It’s going to be too much hassle anyway. Go on using Facebook to log into your bank, and good luck with that.

But if you want to operate as an individual in a complex and fragmented world, to take ownership of your identity and digital assets, and reclaim your privacy without drawing the attention of regulators — then check out the Deeper Connect PICO and its intrinsic DPN.

With its lightweight portable and robust features, including a quad-core CPU and 512m memory, you can stick it in your pocket wherever you go and connect securely every time. Knowing your access is secured by your participation in the Deeper network, along with the growing wave of enlightened global citizens who are quietly colonizing Web 3.0, and a genuinely decentralized future.

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